Software Company Case Study

We are proud to be working for one of the best software companies in the country as listed by the Sunday Times.

The company focuses on  employee wellbeing and free breakfasts, lunches and ‘feel good’ snacks are just a few of the benefits the staff can enjoy. Edwards & Blake are proud to have been selected to manage and staff the modern on-site facility.

“The breakfasts have something for everyone from hot snacks, fresh fruit snacks, bagels, pancakes, toast, pastries etc. and lunches with a choice of delicious hot meals, fresh soup, baked potatoes, salad bar and dessert selection.  Edwards & Blake have flexibility and a willingness to accommodate our unusual requests! Whenever we organise a special event, the catering staff often get involved to put together an exciting themed lunch.

We continue to grow so there is increased pressure on catering numbers but Edwards & Blake work closely to address and where possible pre-empt these situations. Our area manager is always responsive and helpful. We believe the team we have are great and would not hesitate in recommending Edwards & Blake to others.

Name and details available on request.